The 50 Shades of Orange Club Presents

Tim Paige of Leadpages & Sally Hendrick of Go-Sally-Go Consulting

‘4 Steps to Quickly Grow Your Email List’

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JOIN ME for this spectacular list building event.

Sally will share how she uses Leadpages for her own social media marketing efforts and to help her clients ramp up list building by teaching them how to use it in step-by-step tutorials, group coaching, and live Q&A’s.

Tim will share how Leadpages is a great tool for list building with a valuable engine behind it, giving you better conversions and higher SEO ranking.

Don’t miss this free training on Thursday, December 17 at 1 PM Eastern. Sign up even if you can’t make it live. With 200+ sign ups, we’ll have a replay option. We are SO CLOSE!

Get Sally’s free tutorials on how to use Leadpages for sure-fire opt-ins, convincing sales pages, dynamic webinar hook ups, effective thank you pages and a PicMonkey lesson on how to create and reformat your graphics to make your pages look fabulous.


Webinar Thursday, December 17 at 1 PM Eastern. Sign up to get a replay options. 200+ must be signed up for the replay to happen.

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