Have you spent a lot of time and money on advertising and just don’t see the return on investment (ROI) yet?

I know what that’s like, and I don’t advise it for Facebook advertising. To get a return on your investment (ROI), you must build momentum just like you build relationships.

You’re going to hear from coaches and consultants, “You have to spend money to make money.” I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do that….at least not very much.

Change that phrasing too, “You can make money to invest in your business to make even more money.” This takes a carefully crafted advertising and marketing plan.

It’s true. You can take quick steps with a bit of leverage to grow your following, build your business investments, and create a program that will pay time and again when you learn how to market it to the right customers – the ones who buy.

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Robert Hendrick, Artisan Custom Furniture Maker at Rail Yard Studios

For example, I ran a challenge to Find Your Clients on Facebook recently.

I asked people in my e-mail list and Facebook groups to pay $7 to take the class. Within a few hours, I had a nice budget to work with to run some paid advertising to find more people who need this class and are willing to pay for it. 

Knowing that someone who spends even $1 on something that you offer makes them 16 times more likely to BUY your bigger offers makes it okay that hundreds clicked but only a few signed up. 

The ones who don’t sign up either don’t need what you are offering, don’t know they need it, or aren’t your customer in the first place.

Why is that okay?

First of all, I collected every single person who clicked on my website in a basket to be marketed to again. That’s valuable and gives them more of a chance to get to know me and get comfortable with me when they see me again.

Secondly, why would I want to teach some of my best material to someone who doesn’t want to pay $7 for it? Really? It’s seven dollars! If someone won’t pay that, they won’t buy something with a higher price tag either from me…at least not yet.

Thirdly, advertising makes good sense. Do you realize that Direct Mail Marketing costs nearly 23 times more than social media advertising?

With Facebook advertising, you have just as much likelihood of getting in front of the most perfect client for you as the big shots do. It costs you no more, no less.

michelle weidenbenner facebook ads author social media marketing

Michelle Weidenbenner, Author

What do you need to understand about Facebook Advertising?

  • What campaign objectives are and why you choose certain ones.
  • How to choose your keywords that match your targeting.
  • What the Facebook pixel really does for you in terms of re-marketing.
  • Why you avoid boosting a post from your page versus using Ads Manager to boost.







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Alyssa West, Trainer, Speaker, Motivator

A few questions to cover ideal clients:

  • Who is your perfect client’s ideal brand crush?
  • What movies does your client like to watch?
  • What kind of soap does your client use?

Yeah, I can help you find this out, so you can pinpoint exactly who needs to see your ads and what you need to say to them.

Once you’ve learned that? Ha. It’s like Facebook just became your ATM.

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