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So what’s the significance of the old 45 record adapters? I’ll be 45 in 45 days, and I’m happy about it! Many folks find this birthday scary, and I think I know why.
We get to a point in our lives where we have to make a choice to continue on the path we’ve been on or to make a change. People call this the mid-life crisis and rightly so because the stories we hear about are the couch-jumping, Corvette buying moments, the tawdry affairs, the sudden career switches. Divorce is probably the most common fall out, and that IS scary!
But I prefer to deem it the mid-life enlightenment. For me, life has been a journey of pleasing my parents as a child, not caring what they think as an adolescent (or pretending not to), trying to prove to them and everyone else I’m worthy of my choices in my late teens and 20’s, working to understand where I came from in my 30’s and struggling with those discoveries, and then finally reaching a point where I know who I am and why I do the things I do and being okay with it in my 40’s.
That tells me that hitting that slide after 45 into my 50’s is only going to bring something even better. I can be myself, be okay with it, and not give a rip what anyone else thinks in the process. Of course, I value what people think, but since I know who I am, I’m not held down by lack of confidence in my own abilities and intentions. It’s my job to make sure people understand my intent, but it’s not my job to please everyone. I’m just being myself after all.
We have choices to be what we want to be, marry who we want, to not marry, to have children or not (some cannot naturally), to build a career, to work from home, so when we hit an age when we think we still have time to do something new or get to that dream we always held in our hearts, we start to panic.
Panic turns into excitement. Excitement turns into ideas. Ideas turn into planning. Planning turns into choices. Choices turn into changes. Changes turn into accomplishments. Accomplishments turn into dreams realized.
We only have to be careful not to let the panic and excitement turn into not so well thought out choices. We’re on borrowed time, right?
And it all started with an old 45 made new again. Get out your vinyl, and let’s get this party started!