hootsuiteDo you feel like the day begins before you can roll out of bed, grabbing your cell phone first thing to check your messages or scroll through social media updates?

Are you always rushing to pick up the kids from school at the last minute squeezing in one more errand?

You can’t even think about what needs to get done at home, as there are sports practices, a grocery run, and stopping off to grab a sandwich before music lessons.

As an entrepreneur, there never seems to be enough time to get things done for your business either. You feel as if the GO button won’t ever STOP.

TIME management is the #1 problem for busy people on-the-go. You feel you can do more, so you pile on more, and without any systems in place to leverage a few more minutes, you hit a wall, exhausted, exasperated, and overwhelmed.

We all think we can multi-task, but we really can’t. Setting up blog posts, social media posts, Leadpages, and more on the fly causes us to change focus too quickly throughout the day, so try this:

  • Make a list of all the functions of your business.
  • Categorize everything into like subjects or similar processes.
  • Organize your tasks into an order that makes the most sense to get things done quicker.

Imagine driving home to pick up equipment for sports practice when you left there just a couple of hours ago to go shopping. The mall is near the practice field, yet you left the equipment at home, when you could have taken it with you to drop off on your way. Now you have to back track and lose more time. We do things like this in our businesses everyday and don’t even realize it. It’s more obvious when we have to take a 45 minute detour to correct a logistics mistake while driving, so think about the same thing for work.

One solution is to set up a time once per week to plan ahead:

  • Set your weekly goals,
  • Schedule appointments,
  • Reschedule things that don’t make sense with your day,
  • Set up your social media posts for the week,
  • Write your blogs in one sitting.

Hootsuite is a great program to get some of this done. Not only can you pre-schedule social media marketing posts, Hootsuite will sweep your blog for you to check for new updates and post it on the social media platforms you’ve chosen.


Driving TRAFFIC to your website is one of the hardest things to do online. You’ve spent all this time and money on your page, but it’s become nothing but a content dumping ground that no one visits. It’s doing you no good. The only time anyone takes a look is when you personally ask them to, which is entirely not the point.

The most common ways to get people to your website are via:

  • Search engines
  • Social media posts
  • Links from other sites
  • Suggestions to your subscribers
  • Blog traffic
  • Advertising

What can you do with Hootsuite to knock out a couple of these avenues? You can blog and set up pre-scheduled posts to send to your social media channels at optimal times. Choosing the right channels at the right times can be a huge advantage. Try Hootsuite’s automated scheduling suggestions, or do your own research with your posts across social media to see what times get the most traffic. If you work with people all over the world, the time of day won’t be as important, but when you’re talking about Twitter, the information passes by so quickly that it’s nearly impossible to catch unless someone specifically watches your activity.


TARGET MARKET research is something else that Hootsuite can help you with. You may not even realize it, but the analytics provided can help you choose who you spend advertising money on. Hootsuite connects to several social media networks. I especially like the hook up with Facebook business pages. When your Facebook page doesn’t have a ton of LIKES, the Audience Insights on FB returns little to no information about your follower demographics, but Hootsuite will gather the information for you and pull it into their system. From your Dashboard, go look at the Analytics tab to see what you have access to with your Hootsuite account. If you want more, you have the option to buy reports. I would only suggest that if you have a lot of followers to return some solid statistics.


The following tutorials will help you see some of the functions inside Hootsuite and how to use them. Get creative and reply in the comments how it could help benefit your business.


Watch these 3 tutorials to learn more.

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