Why Mail Chimp? Because when you get started, Mail Chimp is free….forever….up to 2000 subscribers. You could collect emails and finagle your way through email collection and never pay a dime with a combination of Google Drive and Mail Chimp. You can also send out some pretty fancy campaigns with cool templates.

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Until you get where the convenience outweighs the cost, Mail Chimp is the way to go.

Later on down the line when you are using all sorts of online tools, there are cost savers like Ontraport, which is a full marketing system. Until you are using at least $150 per month worth of marketing tools, start with the free stuff.

These graphics show the pricing differences between Mail Chimp, Aweber and Constant Contact from their prospective websites as of the end of June 2015.

constant-contact-mail-chimp-aweber-email-collection-tutorial-training-business-entrepreneur-startup-coach 11659451_800259856736584_3286065601539265322_n 11665747_800259866736583_8429030114083280242_n