Hey Folks!

Did you notice that the elevator isn’t working? It may have to do with the pitch.

For months I’ve been promoting other people on my talk show because, to be honest, it’s more fun to hear about what they’re doing than to talk about myself. With unlimited reach on social media and live streaming, it’s easier than ever to get visibility to your products and services.

This challenge should be fun.

On March 18, April 8 and April 29, I have extended 2 hour shows to help you practice your elevator pitch. Yes, that old thing. It matters, and you must practice to get better at it.

Sign up for the challenge, even if you decide NOT to be on the show, you can be in the audience to reap the benefits of seeing others do it…AND THERE ARE PRIZES for audience members who answer a bit of trivia!

I’ll also send you some tips on how to start a cold conversation online, but here’s a typical offline scenario.

  • Lisa shows up to a company where she’s pitching her love for project management systems including her custom services. She gets there early hoping to run into Suzy from Human Resources. She knows that Suzy is on the selection committee.
  • Here comes Suzy right into the elevator sliding her laptop into its case.
  • Lisa: Hello, I’m Lisa. Do you mind me asking you where you got that laptop cover? I really need a new one.
  • Suzy: At the Apple store, but I think they’re on sale at Target now. I’m Suzy, by the way.
  • Lisa: Thanks, Suzy. I’ll go check it out. By the way, I have a meeting in Human Resources. Do you know how to get there?
  • Suzy: Yes, I work in Human Resources. Are you here for the project management systems meeting?
  • Lisa: Yes, I am. I’m demonstrating 2 different softwares today. I have my favorites, but it depends on the needs of the client as to which one I recommend. I love setting it up for businesses, so they understand the full capabilities. Most people don’t even realize what all these new systems do. Are you involved in this?
  • Suzy: Actually, I’m on the committee and will be at that meeting.
  • Lisa: Great! I’m about an hour early. If you’d like, I would be happy to show you a couple of things that could help you right now to get everyone to the meeting on time. I’ll just need 5 minutes. Want me to show you?
  • Suzy: Sure, that would be great.
  • Now it’s up to Lisa to shine.

Now it’s up to YOU to learn how to do this ONLINE.

Go here and select BE A GUEST. This will get you more tips.

Come watch the shows here to be eligible for the giveaways!

See ya online!

xo Sally