List Builders (5)Running a business is hard work. Running your OWN business is even harder. You wear every hat: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance & Administration. To be an entrepreneur these days, you need processes and systems in place, something you can understand and maintain easily.

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Sales and marketing systems are enough to make you crazy. It’s overwhelming to even know where to start, and with the cost involved, you want to make the right decisions. I teach my clients like I teach my kids. When you get your driver’s license, don’t expect a Cadillac. You aren’t ready for it. Ease into this new experience and build up from there as you grow.

It’s a good idea to have an understanding of the big picture. I like to break it into 3 major areas: email marketing, branding, and outreach.

  1. Email Marketing & List Building – Start with a simple email service, like Mail Chimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, or Get Response. There are fancier systems that cost more money like Infusion Soft and Ontraport, but if you aren’t ready to pay for that and have the time to learn how to maximize the features you’re buying, why would you buy that first?
  2. Branding & Social Media Optimization – Get your branding style put in place. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect yet. What matters most is consistency in look and messaging. Be recognizable in your brand, so people start to understand who you are. This applies to your website, newsletters, social media posts, and any other public relations tool you use.
  3. Outreach & Promotion – A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that putting up a website and creating Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook profiles are all you need to do. People will come, right? Wrong. Your job now is to drive traffic and engage with people to build relationships.

Before you can sell anything, you need a list. Every successful thought leader out there, like Tim Paige, will tell you this. One of the tools I use to build my list is Leadpages. Not only do they have easy to use templates for building opt-in, sales, webinar, and thank you pages, they have Lead Digits, Lead Boxes, and Lead Links to create that much needed Call to Action (CTA) to drive traffic to products, services, and email lists.

You can brand your Leadpages, integrate with your email system, customize your messaging, and embed them into your social media pages. On top of that, the conversions are amazing (getting people who click to actually leave their email address with you).

The thing I like about Leadpages is that it has so many Cadillac features for a Toyota price. I can’t imagine not using it even when I get my new convertible in 2016.

Come see for yourself in a free webinar with Tim Paige and me about it on Thursday. Sign up even if you can’t be on live. I’m offering free training to anyone who signs up for the webinar on opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar hook ups, and graphics. Just choose that option after you sign up for the webinar. It’s a win-win situation.


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