There’s nothing worse than posting on your Facebook page and getting nothing from it.

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Organic reach averages one to three percent engagement on Facebook business pages. You’re not sure that the right people are liking your page. You were so excited when you first started your business that you invited your friends and family to like your page because that’s what you thought you were supposed to do. You even ran a couple of ads to get people to like your page, but when you noticed who they were they didn’t really fit the mold of your ideal clients, so you started posting multiple times a day.


You shared your posts to your personal profile. That picked up a few likes so you think, “I’ll just post to my personal page.”


Hi, I’m Sally Hendrick, and I’ve been a frustrated Facebook marketer, too. That is, until I learned the tricks on finding your ideal clients on Facebook. One thing most people do not realize is that it takes time to build a true following. Your brand has to be consistent, and your ideal client needs to be developed and defined.

If you don’t have that part figured out yet, it makes everything else harder. In order to market on Facebook, you should understand how you can find your audience with Facebook’s research tools. Yes, there is an entire research center at your fingertips that is free to use.

I can show you how to use it, too, in the Find Your Clients on Facebook Challenge.

You’ll get 3 sets of exercises to do and a webinar that teaches you how to put the pieces together.

First go through the top 10 mistakes businesses make in Facebook ads, so you’ll be ready for this challenge.


See you in class!

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Sally Hendrick, public speaker and founder of Social Media Traffic School, has been teaching clients how to read statistics and data mine with a twist for 25 years. She specializes in target market research, marketing funnels, digital courses, and Facebook advertising strategies.