stats analysis wp blogYou know what I’ve discovered so far about my 24 hour FB ad I ran from Sunday to Monday? The results were shockingly close together between the 2 audiences I used.

Audience 1: MY PEEPS & LOOKALIKES: People who have visited my website before (retargeting), their lookalikes (FB’s algorithm of similar people based on interests and demographics), people who are already on my Mail Chimp list, and their lookalikes.

RESULTS: $2.12 per conversion. Not bad for a 24 hour ad that I threw together on Sunday.

Audience 2: COACHES AUDIENCE: People who like the big shot coaches. I’ve split test them all before, and I get similar results, so I grouped them together this time.

RESULTS: $1.94 per conversion.

The difference between the 2 audience results is less than 10%. As a statistician knowing that my numbers are much smaller than the big shots out there, the statistical significance in difference is negligible.

What does this mean? It tells me that the people in my list are matching the people I’m associating with online. That’s GREAT NEWS because those people are my best clients.

I love this stuff. Can you tell?

Now I’m getting ready to kick up major fuss with my biggest client’s approach to FB ads. He just hired me over the weekend, and I set up his ads just like he wanted me to. Then after he got little results (a lot of likes on his page however, just no direct sales) I sent him an e-mail to let him know what his next move needs to be.

He’s listening. Now he’s going to try it my way.