Why would you use a Facebook profile video for personal reasons and not only for business?

There are many ways you can leverage the activities in your Facebook profile to benefit your business while building personal relationships. That being said, you may decide to keep your professional and personal lives and social media activities separate. So why would you want to keep your personal profile video personal instead of leveraging it for business use?

  1. You are single and dating and would like to capture someone’s attention with your fun personality! (One of my clients is a dating coach who helps women uplevel their dating standards. Her name is Kenyatta Joseph of Polished Personas.)
  2. You are applying for colleges and know that your social media will be reviewed when selection committees are ranking scholarship recipients. Put on your best and impress! (One of my clients is a college planning coach. Her name is Luanne Lee, Your College Planning Coach.)
  3. You are competing for a job that you really want, so why wouldn’t you want your profile video to be spot on! The company is going to notice you when your FB profile represents what they’re looking for in an employee. (One of my clients last year helps people spruce up their resumes and build their online reputations. Her name is Tammy B Perry.)
  4. You are raising money for a cause close to your heart. You are a bit shy about posting all over social, so instead of posting about the fundraiser, create a profile video about it. People will notice and click! (One of my friends runs a charity for pet owners. Her name is Carol Smock of Brown Dog Foundation.)

Want more ideas? Join my free social media classroom. You might just find a way to advocate for something important to you, get an itch to start your own business, or enjoy the company of a solid, fun, positive group.



Sally Hendrick