Make Real Connections on Social Media

How do you connect with people in your business? 🖇

  • Do you pick up the phone📞?
  • Deliver videos 🎞through e-mail marketing?
  • Do webinars or live stream📽?

Or are you committing the deadly sin of only sending out digital robots to masses of people when no one really knows who you are yet?

Create large shifts in your business by taking the time to connect with real people👫👬👭. Once you do this, they will feel that you genuinely care.

Just yesterday someone told me that she really liked how I connected with every person in my group class but was still able to teach the detailed lecture they came for.

It made enough difference for her to schedule a paid 💰 coaching package. I know you want to make a difference for a lot of people, but do it in such a way that you really connect, not just sending out robotic messages to the masses. It will give you the leverage you need to grow and help more people.

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Meet the author, Sally Hendrick

As an international, keynote speaker, Social Media Examiner contributor, and Founder of Social Media Traffic School, Sally specializes in target market research, marketing funnels, digital courses, and Facebook advertising strategies.

With 25 years experience as an actuarial statistician, Sally has been turning statistics into stories for companies to adjust and tweak their marketing programs to be effective. While working with solopreneurs and small businesses through her online academy of classes to help them plan their marketing strategies using social media, Sally also helps medium and large size companies create strategic marketing plans and train marketing staff to carry out company objectives. Her methods are used to successfully increase return on investment with social media, as traditional marketing tactics are bringing increasingly less return.

Sally resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and 3 daughters. Message Sally on Facebook to get in touch.