Split Your Time in Three

You’ve probably heard the advice to split up your financial earnings into three categories:

  1. Pay yourself
  2. Pay your bills
  3. Help someone else

So, why not split your time in three the same way?

  1. Take care of yourself (eat real food, exercise, rest)
  2. Spend time doing the things you must (work, caring for children, running the household)
  3. Take care of someone in need

We cannot forget to take care of ourselves! If we don’t, it’s awfully difficult to reach the true potential of giving as much as we can.

Consciously do something today for yourself. Get going early, and see how that carries you through the rest of your day. You’ll get so much more accomplished. Guaranteed!


And to do something else for yourself, check out my . . .

Life Purpose Challengelife purpose challenge

If you’re unsure where to begin, take this free Life Purpose Challenge to get in alignment with your unique lifestyle.




Meet the Author, Sally Hendrick

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