Last summer, I created a goal setting course that culminates into a Vision Board, tested it on my fitness community, launched a separate group solely dedicated to the course, had several people set goals for themselves, then picked it back up again about every 3 to 4 months. Each time, the course received an upgrade such as fancy automated e-mails, videos, branded graphics, and one-on-one consultations.

Lessons Learned

Here’s what I discovered. First of all, my course was completely free – all 7 steps – and that’s wonderful if your purpose is to build relationships, which I was doing. But when it comes to actually helping someone create a vision for themselves, they aren’t as invested when the tasks get harder and more time consuming, which would happen on or around the 4th step of my course. (Take note of the 4th step.)

As I’ve been searching for what to do with my business, I discovered along the way that the freebie needs to be short and sweet and not too taxing. The people who invest in themselves to go the distance are the ones I need to invest my time in, not the ones who walk through the revolving door and leave. The investors are the ones who are going to make the most progress. It’s not only about making money, it’s about creating value, building trust, and going the distance. Sometimes you have to put a price on it to get real commitment.

So, no matter what, when it comes to serving people, offering valuable information, representing incredible products, and giving countless hours, at the end of the day you have to get paid what you’re worth. You come out better, but so does your client! Lessons learned.

New Day, New Week

Each week, I ask my clients what they plan to accomplish. It sets them up for accountability once they commit to setting their weekly goals.

What do you plan to get done this week? Feel free to comment below or share this blog post.

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