Get to Know You with the Color Code Test

You know what I find interesting? My husband and I are not compatible at all on the color code test, and there are warnings in our Zodiac signs that the combination is not good. Several years ago, we went to a marriage retreat together that digs into personality types, past experiences, etc. and demonstrates it through experiential therapy sessions.

Understanding Each Other

Wow! What an eye-opener! We were the only two people in the room who were linked like square dancers – arm in arm – facing the opposite direction, independent, yet looking over our shoulders for each other, rather than seeing eye-to-eye. We discovered this a little late in our marriage – 15 years in. But we’re committed and have found a way to deal with it.

Guess what I just noticed on the color code survey I did in my group. None of them who filled out the survey are Reds. So either I am attracting no Reds to me, or the Reds in there do not feel compelled to participate in what I’m doing. My husband is a red. Hmmm.

So, how do I handle this situation? Well, in my marriage, Robert and I truly have our own lives going on, and we make our own decisions. We keep a family calendar – digital on our phones, of course – so we know what times are open.

We do have issues from time to time, not paying attention to each other’s calendars and considering if we need to step in and help the other out. But it works for us. Our personality differences dictate this type of arrangement. He doesn’t step on my decisions, and I don’t step on his. Well, maybe sometimes. We know each other well enough to navigate our territories.

Four years ago, I took the kids to Australia. The opportunity presented itself. The timing was good for me and bad for Robert. And you know what? Rob has lived there before, so he wasn’t missing out on a brand new adventure. But he was missing out on being with the kids seeing it for the first time. I went anyway because we may never get that opportunity again (flights were 1/2 price due to the cyclone that had just hit Brisbane), and he shows up on our trips when he can. No jealousy. No resentment. Just managing opportunities the best we can together, yet separately.

What type of people do you attract into your life? Whom do you work best with? Have you looked at your relationships to see how to navigate the differences in order to build bridges, or do you give up and cut those bridges down so you do not have to deal with the opposite personality?

Try it Yourself

In my coaching groups, we do these color code tests and discuss the results. We are starting to dig into why we are the way we are. It’s fun getting to know yourself better. Wanna try? Get to know you through the Color Code Test here.

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