Rumor has it, Google Hangouts is going away September 10, 2016!

goodbye google hangouts

The company says it’s not true though. Regardless what they say, don’t you want a backup plan in place? There are other alternatives to do free webinars or almost free.

In fact, I have a course that will teach you exactly what you need to know to set up your own free webinar platform. If you’d like a few more features, I have an almost free method, and a software recommendation that’s inexpensive and works beautifully!

Get access to Webinar Schwebinar before it disappears at this ridiculously low price!

If enough people buy this course, I’ll draw for a free coaching session worth $250!

See ya in class!


Sally Hendrick

Sally Hendrick is the founder of Social Media Traffic School, a place to learn how to navigate online platforms, use software efficiently, and epitomize your marketing strategy with a focus on analytics. Uh huh. I said it. You gotta read your stats! Join her free social media classroom.