Have you done the online research necessary to enhance your brand’s marketability on social media with hashtags?

Hashtags are more commonly used on Twitter and Instagram, but they also work on Facebook. Like elements are grouped together for searching purposes. It’s important to use relevant ones that attract the right people to your brand. When hashtags are used only to make a funny statement or supplement a conversation without some thought put into their selection, a potential marketing opportunity is lost on social media posts.

Random hashtags that are not carefully vetted could align your brand with interests or other brands that may detract or damage your brand reputation. It is important to double check by searching social channels for the ones you are using, so your content is not shown next to something that you don’t want your brand associated with.


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Hashtag Science: concoct your branding formula social media marketing plan

“There is a scientific approach to selecting hashtags. It takes experimentation and research to concoct your branding formula, so I created a free mini-course to help you do this. It’s available free for a limited time.”

It includes these steps:

  1. Brainstorm – A good brainstorm is always necessary when doing research. The thoughts that run around our heads can be overwhelming. My students find it helpful to dump everything out onto a piece of paper, so it will stop swirling in their thoughts.
  2. Client Research – I call this a sociology lesson to create your ideal client avatar, which is something every online marketer must do.
  3. Brand Research – In this history lesson, you’ll research your competitors and complementary brands to find who your prospects are following and going to for solutions.  For example a restaurant web designer would use hash tags as part of her restaurant marketing plan.
  4. Hashtag Selection – There are tons of tools in the marketplace that you can use to research hashtags, but it gets really confusing and overwhelming to start this process. Our approach at Social Media Traffic School is simple and uses a mixture of free tools and processes that you can document and test.
  5. Secret Element – This piece of the puzzle can appear random, but rest assured, it is carefully planned in our science lesson, so that your targeting, content and goals come together to concoct your branding formula.


See ya in the lab!


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