imageMy twins got their drivers’ licenses yesterday, a huge milestone to have their sweet 16 and finally need a keychain. Kate asked me to make her a house key. They’re growing up.

Leading up to this moment, I have been ready for them to drive, mainly because the logistics of getting them to music rehearsals 3 nights a week with 3 girls on 3 different schedules has been exhausting. It’s been almost 2 full years of this back and forth. My husband and I have juggled driving duty with his parents helping out, too. Some days we are in the car for 3 hours after school and still have work we need to finish after returning home.

Today I was blessed when I didn’t have to get up from my work to drive them to rehearsals. They just took off when they needed to, excited to be the first in their rock band to drive.

But in the back of my mind, I was worried, too. I had a tire blowout on the interstate earlier today, and even though I was able to handle it without too much delay, I wonder how they would have done.

They did have a few funny stories from their first evening of driving around. The windows started to fog up, and they didn’t know how to turn on the exhaust. Imagine sisters panicking a bit, yelling at each other in their twin-speak way, rolling down the windows. Nope. Didn’t work. Windshield wipers. No, still foggy. “That triangle! Push that triangle!” Rear exhaust kicks in. Sigh. Now it’s time to pull over, but not before Zoe finds the right button and clears the glass in a flash. Whew!

A couple more funny mishaps later, including the one where Kate dropped her phone that was giving her directions, and all the kinks seem to be worked out.

When Zoe said she wanted SatCo for dinner, I told her how to get there. Magical, I tell ya. I even folded and put away laundry tonight. That never happens on a Wednesday. It felt good to have a little time to free up, but I also know all too well that soon they’ll be moving out of the house and onto live their lives. I’d like to stop and capture this moment and hold on tight.