It’s finally here. I have thought about it and dreamed about it, but it seemed so far away and felt like a huge administrative headache.

Thank you! What a platform!

Do you know about it yet? We went on vacation to Iceland, tried to stay off the Internet business sites and only post pics and travel blogs while gone. Well if the world didn’t turn UPSIDE DOWN in that short time.

When I got home and started plugging back into business, people were posting Blab this and Blab that, and finally I hopped onto one (really simple to set up by the way) to see what it was about. You log in through your Twitter account on the webpage. Go follow me @sallydowntown.

All of a sudden, it became clear. This is going to change lives, help people, ease loneliness, and blow people’s socks off!

So you’re thinking, well….Periscope exploded the Internet, too. It did, and that is great! But for ME? I need to talk and hear others talk back. It makes me feel better somehow. I’ve always been a tribe girl – someone who wants to be in a group and have fun. Talking on Periscope was another lonely discussion to me with only chat boxes coming back at me.

With you get to see people’s faces, hear their voices, listen to their accents, and drink in their body language. It’s a beautiful thing!

So welcome to my show, Who’s Riding Shotgun?

I’m the driver interviewing people about their businesses, what online tools they use, what they like and don’t like about them. Everyone in my 4-seater car will get a turn riding shotgun or being a back-seat driver (guest expert).

So who gets to ride in the car? Anyone who either has a business, has an idea for a business, works online or offline but needs help with tools to make admin easier.

What if you don’t have a business? Well, we can find a place for you, too. It’s always fun to be with people who have different interests, so we may have some interest groups come together. You never know!

Wanna check out the show? Click the pic below! You can apply for a spot in my car, too.

shotgun seat